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Trademark Lawyer

Make Lawyers Compete!

A trademark is something uniquely used by you or your business to identify your brand or services. You can trademark just about anything related to your company: a name, a design, a logo, a catch phrase, a process, and even sounds or colors (think of the lion's roar in MGM films or the UPS shade of brown). You can also trademark a "trade dress," meaning the general aesthetic of your packaging or designs. If you're looking to trademark an idea, phrase, or symbol, talk to one of these Tampa trademark lawyers to start the legal process.

Trademark attorneys will help you register your name or idea. If a competitor uses your trademark, they owe you royalties. If someone is violating your trademark, go to a trademark lawyer to fight for your rightful compensation. These Tampa trademark attorneys can help you understand exactly what you can (and should) trademark for your company. Call one today.