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Child Support Lawyers

Make Lawyers Compete!

If you're a parent with exclusive custody of your child, your co-parent should be held accountable for financial support; You shouldn't be solely responsible for the expenses of caring for your child. If you're not receiving adequate child support ??? or worse, you're not receiving child support at all ??? you need to talk to an experienced child support lawyer.

The law requires a co-parent to pay for half (or more than half) of a child's financial needs. If one parent has a higher salary than the other, the wealthier parent will generally pay more child support. Child support payments should continue until your child reaches the age of 18 ??? if payments stop early, you should consult a child support attorney.

Tampa child support lawyers are familiar with Florida's state support calculation equations and can help you understand what your co-parent should be paying. If you have questions about your co-parent's child support obligations, contact one of these Tampa child support attorneys.