Zimmerman Sought Tiger Woods’s Lawyer

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Written By admin at Thursday, April 12th, 2012

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Mark NeJame, the Florida attorney well-known for his representation of Tiger Woods, said in an interview on Thursday that he was asked to represent George Zimmerman about a month ago, but he declined to take the case because of time constraints.

On Wednesday, Zimmerman’s lawyers Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig announced they were stepping down, saying at a news conference that they haven’t heard from their client and that “has gone out on his own” without consulting them.

Afterward, NeJame said, he was again approached by a representative for Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. NeJame again declined, but he suggested five lawyers, including O’Mara, who was hired.

“On the top of my list was Mark O’Mara, who I like as a person, is a friend, and who I respect tremendously,” NeJeme said, noting that he had a waiver from Zimmerman to discuss the case.

NeJame (pictured) said all of the lawyers involved in the case must recognize the enormity of it.

“This case is about the tragic death of a young man, and whether the law permitted or excused Zimmerman’s involvement,” NeJame said. “Not only do we have to deal with the individual tragedy of the death, but there are important social issues involved in this.”

O’Mara, who has been practicing law for nearly three decades, has represented defendants in murder cases and drug cases, including several that have garnered headlines in Florida.

O’Mara is a legal analyst for the Orlando television station, where he has shared his thoughts on the high-profile Casey Anthony case, as well as the Martin case.  The statements he has made as a legal expert are likely to foreshadow the defense he is beginning to build for Zimmerman.

On Tuesday night, on the eve of the charges and before he was announced as Zimmerman’s new lawyer, O’Mara told WKMG that he was surprised that Zimmerman’s former lawyers talked about the case publicly in a news conference after they had resigned their representation.

“If George Zimmerman came to me tomorrow and said, ‘I want you to represent me,’ I would look at (the press conference with Hal Uhrig) and say Mr. Uhrig identified a potential defense and he cemented what George Zimmerman can now say,” O’Mara told the station.

Zimmerman’s former lawyers could not be reached for comment.

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