The Law School Class that May Just Get You a Job

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Written By admin at Saturday, July 14th, 2012


Prospective law school students worried about landing a job after graduation (and they probably should be), may want to take a look at the University of Houston’s curriculum. The UH law school will be cashing in on one of the few brights spots for the legal profession these days: corporate compliance.

This coming spring, the university will offer a class called “International Corporate Compliance.” Its professors say its the first class on corporate compliance offered by an American law school.

To the uninitiated, some of the topics laid out in the syllabus look less than scintillating:

  • Class 5: Hot Topics in Corporate Compliance: Trade Control Compliance and Environmental Risk
  • Class 6: Internal Audits & Internal Investigations
  • Class 7: Using Data Analytics in Compliance Programs

Students may yawn, but they also may land a job.

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