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Illinois to Allow Cameras in State Courts

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Written By admin at Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

The Illinois Supreme Court announced a trial program on Tuesday to allow cameras in the state’s circuit courts.

The Chicago Trib sums it up:

The pilot program allowing the media to use both still and video cameras to record civil and criminal proceedings will be enacted “on an experimental and limited basis,” said Joseph Tybor, spokesman for the state Supreme Court.

The media has been allowed to record proceedings in the state Supreme Court and the Illinois Appellate Court since 1983, but until now has not been allowed to record proceedings in the state’s 23 circuit courts.

As is, Illinois is part of a group of 14 states that ban extensive media access at trials. Cameras are prohibited in federal courts, as LBers know.

But there’s always a workaround. Like, say, the Puppet’s Court.

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