Litigation Lawyer

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"Litigation" is a legal term for the process of taking a case (whether a claim or a dispute) to court. Litigation lawyers work solely in lawsuits. Their main objective is to resolve your dispute, whether by settling out of the courtroom, or by taking your lawsuit to trial and winning your case.

Since litigation is so time-consuming and costly for all parties involved, many attorneys try to settle your case out of the courtroom. They'll act as the mediator between you and the other party in your lawsuit. If your case goes to trial, your litigation lawyer will represent you and argue your case in the court room.

There are two main types of litigation suits: civil and criminal. A criminal litigation attorney will defend you if you've been charged with a crime and seek to prove your innocence. A civil litigation lawyer deals with all other non-criminal cases. If you're seeking to file any kind of lawsuit, contact one of these experienced Tampa litigation attorneys.